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Canadian Retail Trends

At eTail East 2013, we fielded more than 125 retailer surveys in order to uncover technology spending habits from a number of verticals, including but not limited to; apparel, sporting goods, consumer electronics, travel and hospitality, mass market retailers, as well as specialty/niche. What are retailer thoughts on conversion rates? Social and mobile trends? What insight can be gleaned from the research results?
Canadian Retail Trends ReportCanadian Retail Trends Report
How Canadian Retailers are Leveraging New Digital Marketing Capabilities

Retail marketing is in a state of constant evolution, driven forward by the availability of disruptive technologies and the emergence of all new marketing channels. Using research gathered at the 2014 eTail Canada Conference, the present study evaluates the state of retail marketing, assessing how well retailers are leveraging these new technologies and marketing channels. This report also evaluates how company structures are adapting to these changes.

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How social media has affected commerce is that many companies now have created divisions or groups to keep up with a company's online presence. Online interactions and feedback are now almost as important as one on one interactions done in stores, or over the phone; many more people can see what happens between consumer and provider on the internet now. One way that social media sites affected commerce is that people watching a company ignore or give bad customer service online is almost as bad as the same person having a bad experience themselves. Sometimes though, a potential customer, watching a company go out of its way to resolve a customer complaint online, can be almost as good as a praiseworthy comment about a company from a customer. This proactive approach to problem solving gives potential consumers an expectation of ultimately receiving a good customer experience from a company, even if they do see that other customers have had problems with that company.

So the answer to how has social media affected commerce is that it is now companies are able to resolve and show good faith to existing customers in an online arena, and to avoid bad feedback from ruining an opportunity to entice new customers to their product and services.