eTail East 2015

August 10 - 13, 2015

Boston, MA

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Relevancy is the New Currency: The Imperative for Transforming the Customer Experience

Featuring our Keynote Speaker Neil Capel, Chairman and Founder of Sailthru.

By attending this webinar, marketers will better understand:

  • Why transforming the customer experience through relevancy has never been more important
  • How to overcome challenges with collecting meaningful data and turning that data into action
  • What opportunities are emerging for increasing relevancy using content marketing and data science
  • Which brands are in the midst of CX transformation and the benefits and lift they are experiencing

4 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Consider an Online Data Co-op

Featuring: Fatemeh Khatibloo, Principal Analyst Serving Customer Insight Professionals at Forrester and Jacob Ross, President at Adroit Digital

Key highlights include tips such as:

  • Why co-ops work in the digital space
  • The benefits marketers are seeing from co-ops
  • How some brands are using co-ops to drive results


  • Fatemeh Khatibloo, Principal Analyst Serving Customer Insight Professionals at Forrester
  • Jacob Ross, President at Adroit Digital

Creating Flawless Multi-Screen Experiences for Your Current and Future Customers

Featuring: Ian H. Cohen, VP – Omni-Channel, Rent-A-Center, Joe Brannon Global Director, Direct-to-Consumer (Omni) PMO at Billabong, and Jason Wallis, CTO, Mozu

Key Highlights:

  • How consumer shopping behavior has been impacted by the multitude of device options and how retailers are delivering seamless experiences across multiple devices
  • Key metrics that retailers are using to measure the effectiveness of their multi-screen strategies
  • A realistic look into the future mix of devices and which ones will most support the retail experience
  • How consumers interact with their desktops and if these interactions affect purchasing patterns on mobile and tablet
  • The impact of these trends and how retailers can create and execute multi-device strategies moving forward


  • Ian H. Cohen, VP – Omni-Channel, Rent-A-Center
  • Joe Brannon Global Director, Direct-to-Consumer (Omni) PMO at Billabong
  • Jason Wallis, CTO, Mozu

Mastering the Mobile Omni-Channel Experience

Featuring: Sucharita Mulpuru from Forrester, Don Delzell from Sport Chalet, and Natalie Pietrzykowski from MarketLive

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for Mastering the Omni-Channel Mobile Experience
  • Trends and Strategies from a Forrester Analyst
  • Tactics for implementing responsive design, portable POS


  • Sucharita Mulpuru, Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving eBusiness and Channel Strategy Professionals at Forrester
  • Don Delzell, Director, Online, Sport Chalet
  • Natalie Pietrzykowski, Senior Commerce Strategist, MarketLive

Top 2015 Channel: Everything You Need to Know About Referrals

Featuring: Paul Holman-Kursky, Director of Marketing and Jen Gray, Director of Demand Generation at Extole

Key Takeaways From This Webinar:

  • Reach new, high-value customers where other channels can’t
  • Drive referral acquisition everywhere with deep brand integration
  • Segment audiences & optimize campaigns to generate 40% of your new customers

Sponsored by: Extole

5 Tips for Building a Successful Global E-Commerce Brand

Featuring: Nataly Kelly, Vice President of Marketing, Smartling

Key Highlights Include:

  • How a multilingual web presence contributes to business success
  • Best practices to prepare your digital content for the global marketplace
  • How retail brands like GoPro, Stella & Dot, Burlington, and more are translating and localizing their content and reaching new markets with unprecedented speed and success

Sponsored by: Smartling

Content for Commerce: How to Create Emotionally Engaging Experiences that Convert

Featuring Ryan Bonifacino, VP, Digital Strategy, Alex and Ani

In this webinar, Alex and Ani's Vice President of Digital Strategy, Forrester's leading Content Management Analyst, Acquia’s SVP of Commerce Solutions and Timex's eCommerce manager will dig deeper into the state of eCommerce, including:

  • Highlights and key recommendations from Stephen's and Peter Sheldon's recent report: Content and Commerce: The Odd Couple or the Power Couple?
  • The 3 leading content and commerce integration models, plus how to select the right one for your business
  • How global brands are affecting change to drive emotionally engaging experiences that are content-rich, socially immersive, and build brand loyalty


  • Ryan Bonifacino, VP, Digital Strategy, Alex and Ani
  • Stephen Powers, VP and Research Director, Forrester Research, Inc
  • Ray Grady, Senior VP of Commerce Solutions, Acquia
  • Jon Vandergrift, eCommerce Manager, Timex

Sponsored by: Acquia

Ask The Experts: Insights for Success in China’s Ecommerce Market

Feauturing: Audrey Caussin, Director of Global eCommerce, Puma

Register for the first Etail webinar examining strategies employed by both online and multi-channel retailers to expand and thrive in the Chinese market. Major multi-channel retailer, Puma will disclose challenges that they’ve encountered in this region, and how they’ve been able to see success. In addition, Newegg, one of the largest online retailers in the world, will reveal their winning strategy for reaching online shoppers in China.

This session will cover:

  • China's current ecommerce trends and consumer behavior
  • Challenges associated with reaching China's online user
  • Strategies for China ecommerce site success and growth

Event Presenters

  • Aaron Yin Head of Marketing Management and Director of Customer Acquisition, Newegg
  • Audrey Caussin Director of Global eCommerce, Puma

Using Local SEO to Drive Online Conversions

Feauturing: Paul Baumgarthuber, Organic Growth Strategist, LaserAway

This session will cover:

  • How specialized local landing pages can garner previously untapped volumes of traffic
  • How to bridge the cross channel gap, to make eCommerce and brick-and-mortar work together
  • Real examples of retailers using local Ship to Store technology, including Sports Authority, Advanced Auto Parts and ADT
  • How local search traffic converts both in-store and online for multi-location businesses


  • Tyler Ludwig, Interactive Marketing Manager, Rio SEO
  • Paul Baumgarthuber, Organic Growth Strategist, LaserAway

Key Knowledge Partner: Rio SEO

Reviewing the 2013 Online Holiday Shopping Rush and Tips for 2014

Featuring: Margaret Kuchler, Dir. of Industry Marketing, Commerce and Media & Entertainment Akamai Technologies

This session will cover:

  • Year over year comparison of overall web and mobile traffic to retail sites
  • An analysis of the increasing use of mobile devices (46% of traffic being driven by mobile devices in the early morning hours of Black Friday)
  • A summary of the attack traffic and security trends for holidays
  • Why getting real performance data from real users matters to your business
  • What you should be thinking about now to prepare for the 2014 holiday season
  • Receive a free copy of the Akamai 2013 holiday online retail traffic report

Key Knowledge Partner: Akamai

Referral Programs: How to Turn Your Existing Customers into an Acquisition Channel

Featuring: Natasha Khan, Director of Social Media, JUSTFAB

  • How to effectively structure your referral program
  • Best practices for executing a successful referral program
  • What pitfalls to avoid when executing your referral program
  • How to differentiate your program from the competition and increase engagement

Key Knowledge Partner: Extole

Increase Conversions with a Faster Responsive Mobile Website, Powered by a New Approach to Website Delivery

Featuring: Peter Blum, VP of Product Management, Instart Logic

This session will cover:

  • The performance challenges (latency, last mile bottlenecks, image quality) with responsive websites on mobile and tablet devices
  • The impact poor page load performance can have on conversions and user experience
  • How you can increase product image quality and size without reducing performance
  • How leading online retailers have increased their website’s performance and improved conversions and user experience

Key Knowledge Partner: Instart Logic

Experience-driven Commerce: Immersive storytelling to drive sales

Featuring: Mark Bartlett, Director, Customer Experience, Crown

This session will cover:

  • How to incorporate storytelling to aid product discovery
  • The possibilities in combining rich media such as video with embedded targeted messaging
  • Where to personalize the shopping experience to drive improved conversion and sales

Key Knowledge Partner: Adobe