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August 10 - 13, 2015

Boston, MA

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Main Conference Day Three

Thursday, August 13th

Make More Money From Mobile And Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

How much does mobile mean to your business? There’s a lot of money left on the table if you can’t convert mobile customers. Get a holistic view of not only how to increase conversions, but design personalized experiences that ring in the sales. As a bonus, you’ll hear brand and customer service stories that will inspire you to make a change.

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8:40 AM Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:10 AM Chairperson’s Opening Remarks - Social Annex

Al Lalani, Chief Strategist, Social Annex

 Al Lalani
Al Lalani
Chief Strategist
Social Annex
Al Lalani is the Co-Founder and Head of Client Success at Social Annex. He leads all customer management and technical interaction at Social Annex and is responsible for the product vision. Prior to Social Annex, Al oversaw eCommerce and Online Product Management at Teleflora, managing several eCommerce services and partners. Al has over 10 years o ...[Read More]

9:25 AM Mobile Future Keynote Panel Discussion: Mobile Innovations: Peering Into The Future Of Retail

Andrew Chen, VP Product, Design, & UX, BaubleBar

Nick Rellas, CEO & Co-Founder, Drizly Inc.

Marisa McClearn, Sr. Director, Product Management, Sears Holding Company

Ed Laws, VP & GM, Performance Advertising, EMEA, InMobi

Mobile is opening up tons of opportunities for retailers to grow sales, in all channels.  They have to stay on the cutting edge of technology.  Our panelists, with backgrounds in design, UX, technology and mobile customer experience, will help to keep you in the forefront of what is happening in mobile today.  They’ll discuss innovation in mobile, and what is really working in retail today, and in the future.

•    Think about innovation in the mobile space (location data, beacons, personalization mobile messaging, etc)
•    See how mobile has transformed retail experiences across channels
•    Delve into the mobile payments space
•    Discover which opportunities these innovations open up (new customer data, mobile loyalty programs beyond point based programs, etc.)

 Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen
VP Product, Design, & UX
Currently VP of Product, Design & UX at Baublebar, leading all technology strategy from the core platform to logistics and operations, Andrew has led product teams at Gilt, iHeartRadio, Lot18, and many other organizations over the last 7 years. His experience has allowed him to build technology in ecommerce, mobile, music streaming, collaborative f ...[Read More]

 Nick Rellas
Nick Rellas
CEO & Co-Founder
Drizly Inc.
Nick Rellas is the co-founder and CEO of Drizly, Inc., the technology company powering a superior shopping experience for beer, wine and liquor.

Since its inception in 2013, Drizly has raised $17.8 million in seed funding, expanded from one to 16 major metropolitan markets, grew from three to 42 full-time employees, and delivered hun
...[Read More]

 Marisa McClearn
Marisa McClearn
Sr. Director, Product Management
Sears Holding Company
Marisa has led Sears mobile strategy and product management for the past 7 years, during which time Sears and Kmart have received numerous industry awards including Mobile Retailer of the Year and Mobile Commerce Website of the Year, in addition to holding top positions in the Keynote Mobile Performance Index.  Marisa has been responsible for the e ...[Read More]

 Ed Laws
Ed Laws
VP & GM, Performance Advertising, EMEA
Vice President & General Manager, Performance Advertising, EMEA
Laws leads the rapidly growing regional performance business at InMobi, working with app developers to acquire high value users and maximize app monetization. Prior to InMobi, Laws was the EMEA Head of Mobile Marketplace at Yahoo!, and has over 12 years of experience in the mobi
...[Read More]

10:00 AM Mobile Conversion Keynote Panel Discussion: Turning Traffic into Sales: Making the Mobile Experience Better for Today’s Consumers

Beth Beiriger, Director, Product Management, Invaluable

Blaine North, Sr. Product Manager,

Scott Jungling, Front-End Engineering Manager,

Nitin Mangtani, Founder & CEO, PredictSpring

Retailers have to keep customers from abandoning the mobile experience – and that begins with providing what customers are looking for.  Rent the Runway, a retail disrupter, provides millions of women access to designer dresses and accessories, and mobile is very much about accessibility. Shoebuy has been improving their mobile experience ever since the launch in 2009.  How can you take advantage of traffic to your mobile site, and convert it into sales?  Our panelists will show you how.

•    Recognize consumer expectations around mobile
•    Learn where mobile accurately fits into the path to purchase
•    Using the right KPIs for mobile

 Beth Beiriger
Beth Beiriger
Director, Product Management
Beth is passionate about using eCommerce as a channel to create innovative tools and positive experiences for customers. Currently, she is Director of Product Management at Invaluable, the leading online live auction marketplace that allows collectors to bid in real-time auctions held around the world.  Prior to leading initiatives at Invaluable, B ...[Read More]

Blaine North
Sr. Product Manager

 Scott Jungling
Scott Jungling
Front-End Engineering Manager
Scott began his career 10 years ago as a web developer for California State University, Chico where he cut his teeth figuring out what this whole “Ruby on Rails” thing was all about and building responsive mobile web sites for the university. He is currently the Front-End Engineering Manager for, a pure play home improvement web site, whe ...[Read More]

 Nitin Mangtani
Nitin Mangtani
Founder & CEO
Nitin Mangtani is Founder & CEO of PredictSpring, an innovative platform that is revolutionizing mobile commerce. Prior to Founding PredictSpring, Nitin was product executive at Google for 7 years. At Google, Nitin led the Google Shopping merchant and search team, scaling Google Shopping product to hundreds of thousands of retailers. Most recently, ...[Read More]

10:45 AM Keynote: Don’t Leave Money On The Table: Beyond The Rack’s Mobile Q4 2014 Review

Richard Cohene, Director of Marketing, Beyond The Rack

Mobile has the potential to change retail as we know it. Richard jumped on the mobile bandwagon early, and has the results to show it. As part of his responsibilities Richard leads Mobile/Tablet/web/ APP/ IOS and Android. Richard is predicting over 60% of their traffic will come from mobile this year, and he is taking advantage of it. He’ll show you how in this keynote case study presentation.
 Richard Cohene
Richard Cohene
Director of Marketing
Beyond The Rack
Richard Cohene is an accomplished consumer marketer with over 10 years’ experience in both e-commerce and brick and mortar retail, specializing in fashion and consumer goods. At Beyond the Rack he has been responsible for the Marketing department (and growing its database from 50K to 11 million members. His creative mind has allowed him to manage S ...[Read More]

11:20 AM Coffee & Refreshment Break

11:50 AM Case Study: A 360 Journey Of Mobile At Pep Boys

Chris Vitale, VP Digital Operations & eCommerce, Pep Boys

Amanda Kendrick, Director eCommerce, Pep Boys

Amanda and Chris have been on a mobile journey this past year, and have been iterating (and reiterating) their mobile experience.  They’ll take you on their journey, from how they started, to what they did, to their results. Take a thorough look at how mobile is changing at Pep Boys.

•    Define the need: how to decide if you should build a site
•    Decide on a path: Responsive, adaptive, translation layer
•    Implement: Design, develop, deploy
•    Test: how do you decide what to test?
•    The Results: how did it work out?
•    Continuous improvement: Ideate, test, and implement (rinse and repeat)   
 Chris Vitale
Chris Vitale
VP Digital Operations & eCommerce
Pep Boys
Chris Vitale brings 15 years of eCommerce and retail experience to Pep Boys. He previously held the role of Director of I.T., eCommerce at Pep before moving into the Vice President of Digital Operations and eCommerce role. He has overseen the execution of projects in support of all online and eComm initiatives for and the company intran ...[Read More]

 Amanda Kendrick
Amanda Kendrick
Director eCommerce
Pep Boys
Amanda Kendrick is the Director of eCommerce at Pep Boys. She previously served as the Director of Online Merchandising and Business Development. At Pep Boys, Amanda has overseen the rise in natural search results through optimization of all on-site content including video, service and authoritative content for the In her new role, Ama ...[Read More]

12:15 PM The Affiliate Channel: You’re Doing it Wrong.

Brian Littleton, President & CEO, ShareASale

When polled, Retailers commonly list the Affiliate Channel as something they would like to pursue or invest more into during the current or coming year.  Although it is a marketing strategy that Retailers frequently discuss, the Affiliate Channel is often misunderstood and improperly applied.  In this session, we will address some of the common strategies as well as major pain points that arise time and time again.  Presenter Brian Littleton is the Founder and CEO of ShareASale, an Affiliate Marketing Network with 15 years of experience helping Retailers grow their Affiliate Channel.

In this session you will learn:

•         How to maximize value by considering attribution models other than traditional “last click”
•         How to utilize goodwill and fundraising to target non-traditional Affiliates for your Channel
•         How to set up and prepare for Mobile users within the Affiliate Channel
•         Why it is important to have your Biz-Dev team involved in your Channel
 Brian Littleton
Brian Littleton
President & CEO
As the founder and CEO of ShareASale, Brian has connected thousands of Merchants and Affiliates alike, ensuring mutual profitability while preserving the spirit and core values of the affiliate marketing industry. Since 2000, his leadership and vision have helped shape the industry into what it is today. With over 15 year of experience, ShareASale ...[Read More]

12:30 PM Case Study: How To Beat The Snot Out Of The Big Guys......

Dave Ratner, Owner, Dave’s Soda and Pet City

You need this session! This is a back to the basics “how and why you need to treat customers better than your competitor does”. You will laugh, say “duh’ many times, and go back to the office with a bunch of ideas you can put to use immediately.

•    Learn how and why it is so important to make folks love you
•    See what customer service really is and why it is so important to do it right
•    Discover simple and cost effective ways to make your customers love you so much they will feel too guilty to shop anywhere else   
 Dave Ratner
Dave Ratner
Dave’s Soda and Pet City
Dave Ratner is the CIO (Chief Instigating Officer) of Dave’s Soda & Pet City. An award winning 5 store giant killer, Dave’s boasts a phenomenally loyal customer base and bunches of employees who have been there forever. Started in an empty 3 bay gas station in 1975, Dave’s has grown into 6 superstores. Dave’s is a true icon in western Mass. The bus ...[Read More]

1:00 PM Meet & Greet Lunch For All Attendees

What’s for lunch?  You’ll have some wonderful food, make new friends and reflect on the morning sessions during lunch.

2:00 PM Case Study: Creating Unique Product Offerings To Drive The Brand

Kenny Kane, Co-Founder & COO, Stupid Cancer

By attending this session, you will learn how the leading young adult cancer advocacy organization created a phenomenally successful ecommerce program that has yielded a sustainable revenue stream while solidifying its unique brand. Learn how to grow your store on a small budget, a lean staff, and a small social footprint.

•    How to build brand identity within a specific demographic
•    Find communication platforms that help make brand building easier
•    Avoid and identify roadblocks
•    Invite your community into your creative process
•    Manage revenue and risk smartly
 Kenny Kane
Kenny Kane
Co-Founder & COO
Stupid Cancer
Kenny Kane has been coding since the age of 13 and began a career as a pharmacy technician at the age of 15. He has extensive experience in social media integration, digital health platforms, graphic design, CRM design/implementation and broadcast communications.

In his current role as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Kenny ov
...[Read More]

2:30 PM Getting Real: Responsive + Adaptive Mobile Design

Scott Jungling, Front-End Engineering Manager,

Over the last 3 years’s mobile presence has gone from an abandoned standalone site to a vendor solution and now back to a homegrown Adaptive and Responsive. Through that unexpected journey we’ve learned how to marry the best of both worlds into a optimized customer experience.

•    Learn about the evolution of's mobile web experience
•    Understand how we’re utilizing Responsive Design, Adaptive Design, and Responsive Enhancement to build a tailored customer experience

 Scott Jungling
Scott Jungling
Front-End Engineering Manager
Scott began his career 10 years ago as a web developer for California State University, Chico where he cut his teeth figuring out what this whole “Ruby on Rails” thing was all about and building responsive mobile web sites for the university. He is currently the Front-End Engineering Manager for, a pure play home improvement web site, whe ...[Read More]

3:00 PM Coffee & Refreshments / End Of Main Day Three