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August 10 - 13, 2015

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eTail is dedicated to providing you with a maximum amount of industry information, keeping you abreast of all recent developments in the ecommerce space. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you access to several complimentary interviews from our event speakers.

These interviews are only a glimpse of the type of content that will be discussed at eTail East. Find out more about the eTail program by Downloading The Agenda Now.


Piper Rosenshein, Director Retention Marketing, Barnes & Noble: How Barnes &Noble Retains a 60% Open Rate on a Daily Email Campaign

Barnes and Noble sometimes seems like one of the last remaining big book sellers whose brick and mortar stores are still as crowded as ever. That’s because the retailer had made huge efforts to diversify its offerings and its marketing to encourage traffic to Piper Rosenshein, Director of Retention Marketing at B&N, email is the connective tissue that drives that traffic, and is used as a vehicle to drive people online and in store, based on lots of relevant targeting and promotional efforts. One email campaign the company runs called the “Nook Daily Find,” gives customers who own B&N’s Nook tablet reader the opportunity to purchase a book at around 75% off the original price, for that day only. It’s and email that retains a 60% open rate and a very low opt-out rate, and it is just one example of how targeted marketing through email, to very specific segments, can prove successful for multi-channel retailers. In this Q&A, Piper outlines some of the key points which she had just delivered in a live presentation at eTail Boston 2012 conference.


Lisa Gavales, CMO, Express:4 Key Tenets On Sticking To Your Brand Promise

  • Social:Make sure you’re talking more about engagement than any other metric. Your customers are there – you need to be there too.
  • Mobile:It breaks the boundaries of what channels are. A customer is walking into your store with a mobile device. What are we going to do that’s going to change the way we do business?
  • Consistency:It’s become harder for the customer – don’t make them search the web, the web really can be just that:a web that our customers get tangled in. Give customers the answers in less clicks.
  • Organize Around the Brand:Ten years or so ago, we organized around channels, now we should start thinking about organization around brands, encompassing ALL channels.


James Connell Touts Emotional Connections between Brand Employees & Customers
Canadian consumers may not be that much different from any other consumer, but at Roots Canada, the brand is capitalizing on what they know is true about their Canadian brand loyalists and bringing those concepts to new initiatives that will help the brand expand internationally. Read on to learn how James Connell is working to ensure the brand is using methods like personalization and retargeting and really personal customer service to keep Roots’ customers happy, no matter where they’re shopping the brand.


Why Digital Marketers Should Consider the Low-Income Bracket
Fernando Moulin of Cyrela Brazil Realty, has recognized a consumer niche that he thinks shows great potential for online conversions. Low income consumers, he says, are a segment that has not been so far considered in digital marketing strategies across brands, and he thinks that’s a miss. At Cyrela Brazil Realty, research has shown that low-income consumers have increased their digital presence and they have their own buying power value. The company is choosing not to ignore it. Read below for some of Fernando’s suggestions on how to deal with this sector.


Brian Tilzer speaks with eTail about how developed its successful e-commerce platform, how it has evolved, why analytics are so important and more.