Aaron Covaleski

Director of Search Marketing
Aaron Covaleski is the Search Marketing Director for
LightingNewYork.com. He develops and maintains the desktop, tablet, and mobile search campaigns for Lighting New York and its 40 plus subsidiary sites. He is also responsible for coordinating Lighting New York’s SEO efforts. Most recently he spearheaded the implementation of keyword attribution for all phone orders. He also developed a tool via Lighting New York's ERP to automatically generate and audit new and existing campaigns at the keyword level.

Aaron's focus on details and emphasis on systems developed while serving in the United States Navy before joining the private sector. LightingNewYork.com is the premier e- retailer of residential and commercial lighting. Their expert sales staff is ALA and BulbRite certified and have been recognized for their dedication to every customer.


11:55 Case Study: Engraining Innovation Throughout Your Organization (No Matter Your Size)

Lighting New York has driven innovation into every department, especially in search marketing. They aren’t a massive company but they have been able to compete with the biggest in their industry and continue to grow and thrive. Their main difference is that they can innovate and are far more nimble in their execution of projects. This session shows you how they do it, and how you can do it too.

• Develop new and fresh ideas, features, functionality and shopping opportunities for your customer base
• Generate new ways to serve and get customers
• Build your brand and your shopping experience in a way that you’re differentiated
• Continue to innovate and maintain profitability margins
• Address the barriers to innovation
• Bring about an organizational-wide commitment to innovation
• Make this a core part of your strategy
• Avoid innovation just for “innovation’s sake”

14:35 SEM Panel Discussion: Revamping Your SEM Efforts To Breathe New Life Into Your Campaigns

Search marketers face a super complex environment – they have to manage multiple campaigns, understand the impact of
changing search behavior, work with multiple devices, and much more. Accounts are more complex than ever. Our search experts will speak to topics that include the following:

• Changes you have seen in the search space over the last 12 months
• Looking at bid strategies
• Maximize the performance of your campaigns
• Tackling areas such as mobile search
• Looking at changes in the product feed space