Andrew Flicker

eCommerce Business Analysis & Intelligence Manager
Leslie’s Pool Mart
An eight-year veteran of the e-Commerce industry, Andrew Flicker specializes in bringing statistical analysis and data-driven optimization to online retail. He currently manages sales forecasting, A/B testing, and competitive analysis for PoolSupplyWorld and associated brands, but has spent time in nearly every area of e-Commerce, from SEO, PPC advertising, coding, content marketing, site design, merchandising, and logistics management- wherever a rigorous approach to data mining and some solid math can bring a brand greater growth and continued success!

14:55 Voice Your Opinion! Interactive Working Groups: Using Google Analytics To Wisely Allocate Your Marketing Budget

Finally, you’ll get a practical take on attribution! Attribution evangelist Roy Steves will walk through the basics, using readily available tools, and examples from his own business. He’ll explain how to use insights from multitouch attribution reports to make better and more effective decisions with limited dollars. What will you walk away with? You’ll know the risks of not tracking attributed revenue across channels, how to do a detailed inspection of your spend, and leave with real answers to your burning questions. You’ll be able to adjust your budget by channel, in a way that you can reproduce monthly (or even weekly), no matter your business.