Ankur Gupta

Senior Director of Big Data
Sears Holding Company
As a Senior Director of Big Data at Sears Holdings Corporation and General Manager at MetaScale, a subsidiary of Sears, Ankur is intimately involved in various big data initiatives. He leverages practical knowledge of implementing Hadoop and other open source tools across diverse industries to help organizations deliver value from big data. A thought leader in the big data space, Ankur speaks regularly at global conferences including Hadoop Summit, Strata, IDG and Big Data Innovation Summits.

14:00 Kick Off Case Study: Giving Business Users Faster Access To More Data

If your business users could query larger data sets from more sources and consume data as it is created, how would that change decision making? Join Ankur Gupta, Sr. Director of Big Data, in this discussion about how Sears Holdings Corporation uses open source big data tools and technology to give business users across the enterprise access to more data faster than ever.

• Learn to accelerate data processing from 12 hours to 30 minutes to meet Marketing reporting requirements
• Hear how they modernized mainframe applications to keep up with growing big data demands without impacting the business user
• See how they established an enterprise data hub that enables self-service reporting capabilities for business users to run reports on enterprise data specific to their needs.

Giving business users greater access to data is a driving force behind the implementation of Hadoop, and plays a role in a wide variety of big data initiatives including pricing optimization and customer analytics.