Chloe Lind

Senior Digital Optimization Strategist
Chloë Lind is a Senior Digital Optimization Strategist at Maxymiser. She oversees the strategic direction and execution of customer experience optimization programs for Fortune 500 companies. She works closely with clients to conduct comprehensive website analysis, identifying areas of optimization based on business objectives, user experience, and the competitive landscape. Chloë is highly regarded as a go-to digital personalization and segmentation expert among leading North American brands.

10:30 Keynote: Beyond the Button: How Testing Can Mitigate Risk and Help You Make Big Decisions

Maxymiser’s Managing Consultant, Chloe Lind, will cover how a strategic testing program within your organization not only optimizes your digital channels by improving conversion and online revenue growth, but is also used to optimize business functions for a company. Lind will discuss how through the deployment of A/B and Multivariate tests a company can vet other technologies, validate large scale development projects and help to define other key business objectives and further drive those decisions.