Daniel Moure

Daniel Moure is CMO at pureformulas.com, a leading health supplement e-tailer, offering daily, free shipping on more than 40,000 products. Its mission is to maintain daily motivation and passion for healthy living, with a focus on providing high-level customer service and quality products. Prior to joining PureFormulas, Moure spent a decade at Univision Communications Inc. as VP of Account Management and Interactive Strategies. There he led the development of a multitude of award-winning interactive strategies—from concept to completion—for some of the biggest advertisers in the space. Previous to his tenure at Univision, Daniel also spent time at Yupi.com and Young & Rubicam Latin America. While at Yupi.com he was instrumental in facilitating the merger between yupi.com and msn.latino.com. Before leaping to the interactive landscape, Daniel had already made a name for himself in traditional media with Young & Rubicam. Throughout his career, Moure has garnered countless awards across traditional and new media outlets and has served on some of the most recognized committees and boards in the industry.

14:55 Testing Panel Discussion: Picking Winners: Executing Testing Programs To Increase Revenues Immediately And Get Results

Everything comes down to testing, and pulling off successful programs are really key to your success.

If you are going to test, where do you start? How are your tests structured and why? What are you doing with the results? You’ll understand how to translate your answers into revenue for your business by the end of this session.

• Best practices around multivariate and A/B testing
• Cost and resourcing: weighing the cost benefits of testing (using tools, internal ownership over testing programs)
• Testing tools that deliver results
• Prioritize tests (testing around specific pages, etc.)
• Create a testing roadmap/dashboard
• Determine which group owns testing internally

16:55 Personalization Panel Discussion: Using Data To Build Amazing Personalized Customer Experiences

Moderator: William R. Adler, CEO, True Fit

The foundation for every great customer experience is data. How you are using data to further personalize the shopping experience is crucial – you have to make sure what you are offering meets their expectations. This panel speaks to personalization tools, data and when and where personalization offers the best ROI. They’ll speak to topics including:

• Examine personalization tools
• Find the best strategies for personalization
• Use data effectively to support what you are doing
• Test, test and test again
• Resource correctly