Hugo Smoter

Head of Global Marketing
As Director of Marketing at Spreadshirt, Hugo Smoter oversees online marketing programs for North America including paid search, organic search, affiliate marketing, display marketing and social media. He is also responsible for all SEO efforts globally.  He has over 10 years of experience in online and direct marketing with a focus in paid and organic search.  Hugo joined Spreadshirt in 2008 and focused on growing search traffic as a primary channel of customer acquisition for the D2C division of Spreadshirt, resulting in 180% YoY growth in 2012.

14:00 Voice Your Opinion! Interactive Working Groups: Your Checklist For Checkout

We’ll kick off with a short case study around the success that Spreadshirt has had with improving their checkout experience. Right before Christmas, they revamped their process and saw a nearly 7% increase in conversions. Hugo will review their old checkout and the changes that they made in detail, as well as present their new process. He will then walk through a “checkout checklist”, gathering audience feedback around every improvement that they’ve made, with an open discussion around what works (and pitfalls to avoid). Now is the time to make final improvements that can truly move the needle during the upcoming holiday season.