Jonathan Isernhagen

Director, Digital Media & Analytics
Jonathan Isernhagen serves Kaplan Inc. in the role of Director of Digital Media and Analytics, in which capacity he has provided the company with its first unified view of digital performance and consulted to its various divisions on digital best practices.

After graduating from Kellogg with an MBA in Decision Sciences, Marketing, Finance and Strategy, Jonathan was hired by Sabre to release its first cruise booking tool and the cruise industry’s first API.  He then grew Sabre’s travel agency web booking engine group into a multi-million-dollar profit center. 

As Manager of Analytics for Travelocity’s Air line of business he guided a team that used site metrics to identify and correct user experience problems.  He then managed Travelocity’s A/B testing group, automating its processes and quadrupling its throughput, improving profits by $13M.  He then became its Director of Marketing Analysis, delivering channel ROI reporting and chairing the CMO’s weekly trading meetings in which Travelocity’s $100M marketing budget was allocated and its tactics tuned.

Following Sabre’s sale of Travelocity to Expedia, Jonathan went to the Wyndham Hotel Group to serve as its Director of Analytics and Insights, heading the team which provided guidance for the CMO’s organization before starting with Kaplan.  He is a regular presenter at travel and retail industry conferences on the topics of marketing channel attribution, social media and consumer data mining and the use of consumer data to improve personalization and retargeting.

16:30 Case Study: Measuring Data Campaigns And Crafting Dashboards To Share Your Insights

Jonathan will share lessons learned from managing the implementation of two algorithmic attribution programs. As the analytics resource for all of Travelocity’s and Wyndham’s channel and site managers, he has a lot of lessons learned to share.

  • Make the most out of marketing effectiveness in a two-step process
  • Looking within each channel and understanding :
  • which NBSEM keywords should you bid up/down on
  • can you afford to back spend on BSEM, believing that BSEO will take up the slack
  • what is the true net yield of spammy email when lifetime customer value is factored in
  • how do you throttle social investment when “walled gardens” prevent clean reporting