Karen Bennett

Senior Manager, Usability, Customer Analytics & Feedback Strategy
The Home Depot
Having helped create award winning customer and employee experiences for leading companies within the hospitality, travel, retail, financial, medical and telecom industries for 18+ years,  Karen is passionate about driving experience changes based on customer insights from Usability Research and Customer Feedback. Karen leads the Home Depot Online Usability, Customer Feedback Strategy and Analytics teams, incorporating customer research, feedback and insights throughout the product planning, release and management lifecycle.  While at Home Depot Karen founded the Usability group supporting the Online organization with traditional research methods incorporating a remote approach with significant streamlined process, reduced costs and increased team member involvement.

16:55 Increasing Revenue, Decreasing Costs: Benefits And Challenges Of Remote Usability Research

Karen walks through the usability at Home Depot. She’ll tackle getting started (whether you are new to usability or making the shift from traditional lab) and how to answer your research and UX challenges.

• Looking at cost benefits
• Adoption of practices
• A review of Agile / Waterfall
• Increase in revenue, decrease in code and rework