Laura Jajko

American Frame
Laura Jajko is President of American Frame, a leading custom picture framing and fine art printing company. American Frame serves its customers, mainly artists, photographers and DIY decorators, by providing high quality custom products at direct prices, fulfilled within two business days. Ms. Jajko, part of a second-generation executive team, applies web-based technologies and applications in a multi-channel marketing environment to engage its broad base of creative professionals and hobbyists. With nearly 15 years of e-commerce experience, including the design and implementation of three renditions of her company’s site, she is an advocate for a well-planned, strategic approach to building the American Frame brand and expanding its market reach. As such, she understands the importance of using both high and low tech solutions for sustaining strong customer relationships and delivering a superior experience, both online and off. 

Ms. Jajko is a native of Toledo, Ohio and holds degrees in International Business and Marketing from the University of Washington in Seattle.

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16:30 Social Panel Discussion: Combining Social With Your eCommerce Experience

Social is now woven into the eComm experience. How are you really doing it, and is it successful? Is it moving the needle at all? This panel looks at tons of ways to bring social into your ecommerce experience, and go beyond engagement. Get more sales from social.

• Look at what else you can do besides request “shares”or “Likes”?
• Add social successfully into your loyalty program
• Look at your website to help integrate with your social channels
• Encourage customers to be more social with you on your website
• Influence behavior with your customers and within their social circles

16:00 Conversion Panel Discussion: Efficiently Moving Customers Through The Conversion Tunnel To Drive Repeat Purchases

Getting customers to buy is the end goal for every retailer. How can you help them get the process? Our usability and eCommerce specialists review their best practices to make them convert. Do you think your site is really user-centric and helps to assist the sale? Attend this session and you’ll find out.

• Review tools that assist with conversion (outside of product detail pages)
• Look at different approaches to moving customers through the conversion funnel
• Detail the conversion point on your site
• Review triggers and deterrents for conversion
• Assisting with checkout and navigation through your site