Lisa Archambault

Media Strategy, Brand/Co-Op
Lisa Archambault is a leading interactive marketing and media professional based in Las Vegas, spanning over 15 years of digital experience with well-known brands in hospitality, entertainment and technology.  Lisa began her digital career at in the San Francisco bay area, where she was responsible for content development and performance marketing. Upon moving to Las Vegas in early 2002, she oversaw the display channel for Currently she oversees media strategy for  Lisa is responsible for all digital marketing and advertising strategy across web and mobile devices, as well as broadcast and addressable TV.  With an emphasis on Brand Partnership and Co-Op marketing, her focus covers the entire purchase funnel – from brand awareness, through mid-funnel prospecting, to lower funnel retargeting.

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09:30 Keynote: Going Beyond ROI: How Zappos' Best Customer Creative Strategy Is Forming Emotional Connections, Getting New Customers And Keeping Them Loyal

Get into a active dialog with your best customers and prospects. Using a data driven creative strategy, Zappos has been able to reach the right audience with the right message, on the right screen. Lisa walks through their strategy, what they tested, what they adapted, and their results.

• Leverage your brand's customer data to power dynamic dialogs with 'best' customers and prospects alike.
• Pair the right message, with the right creative, to the right audience and deliver more relevant advertising
• Partner with tech providers that deeply understand your brand's mission, vision and can effectively execute (and measure) results
• Customize creative for segment, but design for tactic and screen
• Test, Test, Test - disrupt, learn, and adapt