Manan Singh

Sr. Manager eCommerce
Manan Singh has a background in technology and business, and as an Omniture technology consultant, he drove substantial and measurable lift in the online businesses of the world's top companies.

In his current role as a Sr. Manager, eCommerce at Shutterfly, Manan manages the Site Optimization team, which is focused on improving key eCommerce metrics like Conversion Rate and Average Order Value. He also manages the cross sell and site search optimization programs as well as other key eCommerce projects aimed to provide a frictionless eCommerce experience for Shutterfly's customers. Over the last 3.5 years, his team has identified incremental revenue opportunities in excess of $10M on Shutterfly’s primary eCommerce site,

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16:30 Case Study: Rethinking Conversion Optimization From A UX Perspective

In this session, you will see how to avoid statistical pitfalls of A/B testing design and practice. You’ll understand new potential testing areas to take your optimization program to the next level! Manan has managed over $3M in risk by identifying key issues through A/B testing, and has gotten over $2M in RPV (Revenue Per Visitor) lift on the online store page. He’s here to share his recipe for usability success.

• Understand how A/B tests are impacted by external factors
• Estimate the potential revenue reward and demystify which variable is driving the lift in your metrics
• See how to quickly move from analytics and data to action
• Improve revenue by integrating eCommerce tools with your testing platform