Mike Marenick

Mike is a serial entrepreneur with over 14 years of eCommerce experience. He has owned and operated multiple retail locations and has a strong knowledge of the payments industry from both the commercial and consumer side. Mike also has extensive experience in multi-media sales having been a TV spokesperson on Home Shopping Network, The Shopping Channel of Canada, multiple infomercials and radio shows. He has a degree in computer science and holds a patent for his skin care technology.

16:00 Conversion Panel Discussion: Efficiently Moving Customers Through The Conversion Tunnel To Drive Repeat Purchases

Getting customers to buy is the end goal for every retailer. How can you help them get the process? Our usability and eCommerce specialists review their best practices to make them convert. Do you think your site is really user-centric and helps to assist the sale? Attend this session and you’ll find out.

• Review tools that assist with conversion (outside of product detail pages)
• Look at different approaches to moving customers through the conversion funnel
• Detail the conversion point on your site
• Review triggers and deterrents for conversion
• Assisting with checkout and navigation through your site