Mike Schneider

VP Marketing
Skyhook Wireless
Mike runs the creative vision, lead generation and PR of Skyhook as Vice President of Marketing. Mike had nearly 20 years experience solving problems using technology, most recently running the Digital Incubator at Allen & Gerritsen prior to joining Skyhook. He has built award-winning digital communities and co-wrote the book Location Marketing for Dummies.

12:20 Using Location And Context To Drive Engagement And Enhance Revenue Opportunities

Over 50 million mobile apps are downloaded daily. One in four is abandoned within 24 hours. In other words, creating a successful app is incredibly difficult. Pressure from internal and external sources to increase downloads, engagement, and create new and/or enhance existing revenue streams is constant. App owners must differentiate products while making experiences more fluid to ensure they become essential to the lifestyles of their users. In this session, they’ll discuss:

• Data-driven context: The anatomy of a “location” data point and how to put it to work in your experience
• Categorizing behavior: Learn how to categorize user actions and what to do with the results
• Building App modes: putting the power of place to work in your app to anticipate user needs, monetize your app, and differentiate your app experience
• Case studies to demonstrate what leading apps are doing and current best practices

Join them to get actionable takeaways, gain insight, and to pose questions to the leaders in location about our experience in how to make your app become a vital part of your users’ everyday lives.