Monal Patel

SVP Sales & CBO
Monal Patel is the SVP & CBO of Unbxd Inc, a leading provider of personalization, site search and analytics solution for eCommerce companies.

As an accomplished senior technology executive, Monal has 12+ years of experience developing & executing comprehensive IT strategies and bringing competitive value to businesses. Monal has a proven track record of new product development from concept to market, growing revenues, increasing operational productivity and reducing costs. Monal has helped Fortune 500 clients engage customers and grow revenues by leveraging latest technologies in the field of Big Data and Machine Learning.

At Unbxd, Monal helps eCommerce companies solve their problems and create growth by providing new and better approaches to decision making. Monal holds a Masters degree in Engineering from University of Southern California.

14:30 Redefining Product Discovery On - How Intelligent Site Search & 1:1 Personalization Led To A 45% Increase In Conversions & Greater Customer Engagement

For, a leading beauty brand, offering a positive customer experience is paramount. It was this dedication to customer satisfaction that led them to explore ways to improve product discovery on their site and personalize the entire purchase journey for their customers. Deborah Lippmann then joined forces with Unbxd to deliver exceptional product discovery experiences through site search, navigation & personalized recommendations, on both desktop and mobile, and saw a dramatic increase in conversions as well as customer engagement.

In this power-packed session join Mark Lippmann, Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Deborah Lippmann, and Monal Patel, SVP & CBO at Unbxd, as they take you through’s approach to experience driven commerce and how they drove conversions up by 40%!