Neil McKenna

Director of Interactive Marketing
Neil McKenna plays an integral role as part of a progressive Online Marketing department at As Director of Interactive Marketing for the GFGB brands, Neil manages the digital channels for the five sister brands while mining for CRM insights and opportunities across the enterprise. Prior to 1800flowers, Neil helped Bed Bath & Beyond move their Search program significantly forward and honed his optimization skills, at Didit's digital agency. His goal now is to build on top of proven optimization tactics, across channels and devices, with Marketing Analytics to launch more sophisticated, targeted campaigns.

11:25 Case Study: Delving Into The Future Of Display To Increase Your ROI

Neil’s career includes working on the full scope of campaigns, from planning and design to execution and tracking. He has tons of real world, in-the-driver’s seat experience with display. In this session, he talks through the how, when and where to use performance display (as opposed to mass blast and branding display). He’ll offer tried and tested ways to bring your display programs into the future, including why transparency is super important in measurement and optimization. And he’ll discuss where display should partner with other channels.

• Balancing relevance with effectiveness
• Measuring the effectiveness of your campaign holistically
• Bringing your display program into the future