Roy Steves

Roy Steves has a background as a programmer, and uses those technical talents to lead an automation-focused marketing team at PoolSupplyWorld. During his tenure, PoolSupplyWorld has developed successful in-house PPC, social, email, affiliate, and CSE programs--which combined, earned hundreds of thousands of new customers, and more than doubled revenue.

16:00 Attribution Panel Discussion: Finding The Right Attribution Model That Delivers Results

Attribution modeling is still a challenge, especially as the number of customer touch points increase. The challenge is not only the model that is used, but also the technology to support your model. Our panelists walk through strategies they’ve implemented, why, how they’ve worked, and their plans for the future. Wondering if your model is working? This session is for you.

• Sort through different models
• Discuss tools and technology to support your modeling
• Pull insights from your models to make informed business decisions
• Decide when you may need to modify your model
• Adjust your spend based on the model
• Quantify savings in certain areas vs. spending additionally in others