Ryan Gripp

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager
H2o Plus
Ryan Gripp does not write books because few people have time to read, but he does change how companies view enterprise ecommerce. He has implemented complex eCommerce systems (Oracle ATG) and got his start in eCommerce using Miva Merchant way back in 1996. As an entrepreneur, he has founded several companies, most of which failed. His latest company Reef Builders, covers the at home aquarium hobbyist market.

He runs eCommerce Operations for North America at H2O Plus which produces marine based skincare products that are distributed to over 40 countries worldwide. He currently resides in Chicago with his iMac.

17:15 Voice Your Opinion - Interactive Working Groups: Quick Site Fixes: 9 Ecommerce Tips You Can Implement In The Next 6 Months

This session discusses “quick-wins” that improve conversion and overall site experience that a larger company can implement in the next six months. Most attendees have to compile a “what you learned” after you attend to the VP level to justify the cost of the conference. This session is it. You’ll leave with an actual checklist for your business, as you go hrough the list as a group.

Follow these nine things to justify relaxing in Boston for the week to your boss
Follow along with a checklist to compare your site to best practices that move the needle in the short and long term
As a bonus – you can score some awesome swag from H2O