Scott Jungling

Front-End Engineering Manager
Scott began his career 10 years ago as a web developer for California State University, Chico where he cut his teeth figuring out what this whole “Ruby on Rails” thing was all about and building responsive mobile web sites for the university. He is currently the Front-End Engineering Manager for, a pure play home improvement web site, where he spends his days taming the wild west that is legacy JavaScript and CSS code and preaching the benefits of progressive enhancement.

10:00 Mobile Conversion Keynote Panel Discussion: Turning Traffic into Sales: Making the Mobile Experience Better for Today’s Consumers

Retailers have to keep customers from abandoning the mobile experience – and that begins with providing what customers are looking for. Rent the Runway, a retail disrupter, provides millions of women access to designer dresses and accessories, and mobile is very much about accessibility. Shoebuy has been improving their mobile experience ever since the launch in 2009. How can you take advantage of traffic to your mobile site, and convert it into sales? Our panelists will show you how.

• Recognize consumer expectations around mobile
• Learn where mobile accurately fits into the path to purchase
• Using the right KPIs for mobile

14:30 Getting Real: Responsive Adaptive Mobile Design

Over the last 3 years’s mobile presence has gone from an abandoned standalone site to a vendor solution and now back to a homegrown Adaptive and Responsive. Through that unexpected journey we’ve learned how to marry the best of both worlds into a optimized customer experience.

• Learn about the evolution of's mobile web experience
• Understand how we’re utilizing Responsive Design, Adaptive Design, and Responsive Enhancement to build a tailored customer experience