Seth Berman

Head of Acquisition & Retention Marketing
Seth Berman is Head of Acquisition & Retention Marketing at Redbubble, an art and design marketplace and global brand synonymous with creative individualism. At Redbubble Seth is accountable for driving profitable growth with paid advertising and email marketing.

Seth is also a mentor at 500 Startups, a seed fund and mentorship-driven accelerator program focused on helping startups succeed through design, data, and distribution. Prior to Redbubble, Seth was VP of Marketing at Flywheel and Director of Marketing at BabyCenter. A native of the Boston area, Seth has an MBA from Duke University and lives in San Francisco.

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14:35 SEM Panel Discussion: Revamping Your SEM Efforts To Breathe New Life Into Your Campaigns

Search marketers face a super complex environment – they have to manage multiple campaigns, understand the impact of
changing search behavior, work with multiple devices, and much more. Accounts are more complex than ever. Our search experts will speak to topics that include the following:

• Changes you have seen in the search space over the last 12 months
• Looking at bid strategies
• Maximize the performance of your campaigns
• Tackling areas such as mobile search
• Looking at changes in the product feed space

11:25 Content Panel Discussion: Delivering The Right Content To Increase Engagement And Open Rates

We’ve all heard content marketing is important for engagement. But what does this really mean for email marketers? How can you combine content marketing with your other messaging without sacrificing your promotions? In this group discussion, you’ll learn how this group tackled content marketing that really enhanced their brand, without comprising the integrity of really successful promotional campaigns.

• Engage a prospect even if they aren’t ready to buy immediately
• Develop an accurate content schedule
• Work through potential internal resource challenges around email
• Leverage social media and product knowledge as potential content
• Get through the inbox “clutter” and get your customers to open your emails

11:56 Join Us In the Social Lounge For Retailer-Only Meet-Ups:

Get free advice you can’t get anywhere else. Meet with other retailers who have questions (and answers).

Topic: Getting New Customers: Retention Tactics

Hosted By: Seth Berman, Head of Acquisition and Retention Marketing, Redbubble