Sharan Keswani

Director of Marketing, Creative Content
Combatent Gentlemen
Sharan is the Director of Marketing at Combatant Gentlemen, atechnology empowered fashion brand that is disrupting the direct-to-consumer menswear space by creating unbelievable price-to-quality ratios. Sharan currently oversees creative content creation, community-growth, social media and email marketing. Her vision for the Combat Gent brand is to create and nurture an ever-growing community that not only loves the clothing they buy but rather aspires to something greater after they put them on
She began her marketing career in the technology industry at the global manufacturer for wireless networking products, D-Link Systems, Inc. Spearheading the growth of their social media marketing efforts she grew their fan base by 500%, page views by 129% and user activity by 96% in a short 12 months.Energetic and eager to learn, Sharan is always looking for the newest way to connect people to brands they will love. You can follow Sharan's thoughts and musing on life and marketing on Twitter at @SharanK.

12:00 How Content Marketing Can Enrich Your Email Marketing Efforts

As consumers, we often don’t think about what channels (email, social media, content, etc.) are giving us what. We simply know what brands provide what we are looking for. Some brands are purely offer driven. Other brands are engagement-based. The best brands will deliver a great experience from beginning to end. As most brands are quick to drive a sale as their primary motive, including valuable rich content is often overlooked in email marketing strategies. Email isn’t just about driving sales. It’s about building a relationship with your customer and content marketing can help do that. You’ll hear how in this session.