Tim McCue

Senior Director, eCommerce
He manages digital marketing, web development & design, web analytics, personalization, marketplaces and operations & fulfillment for Jockey in the US and Canada. An original member of the Jockey.com team, he started as the lead developer on the first version of Jockey.com launched in 2000. After getting his MBA from Loyola University Chicago, he switched to the business side and helped grow Jockey.com to a top 500 retailer. He has also helped launch on eCommerce in Europe and Asia for Jockey.

Tim lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin, where he enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters and dog Finns.

08:40 Why The ‘Customer Journey’ Shouldn’t Be Your First Priority

How much more time, resources, and money should we spend on the ‘customer journey’? The answer is none, until we address the marketer’s needs first. The future of digital marketing is much simpler than maintaining bulky data feeds and large teams of technical resources to create your personalized messaging. In order to see higher returns, marketers must invest in tools that adapt to disparate sets of data while possessing the speed to communicate with consumers in a matter of seconds. Through a behind-the-scenes look into Jockey we’ll talk about a single facet of the marketing machine that represents how they think about digital marketing...and it starts with the marketer, not the customer.