Toni Jones

Director, Digital Marketing & Customer Experience
U-Haul International

Toni is an experienced program manager, analyst and customer advocate that has transitioned into the Social Media Director for U-Haul. After years of running a team of project managers through the manufacturing and development process, she took the leap into Social Media. She has always had a passion for the customer and U-Haul, and enjoys managing the brands online presence. Her area of expertise is in social media data analysis, strategy development, content marketing and social care.
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15:15 SEO Panel Discussion: Implementing Effective Measurement Of Your SEO Programs

With a passion for online marketing, our panelists are responsible for driving the overall strategy for acquisition and retention. They’ll review approaches to move you way ahead of your SEO competition in this dynamic panel. Take a close look at the performance of your program, and leave with lots of notes.

• Look at how content, SEO and social best practices tie together
• Create relevant content (videos, etc.) that has a broader reach
• Remove some of the focus on meta titles and descriptions
• Outline what works and what doesn’t (to avoid pitfalls)