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August 10 - 13, 2015

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Live Video Assistance

Live Video Assistance Live Video Assistance

Technology advancement, device proliferation, and bandwidth availability have now evolved to enable a new generation of online customer engagement tools. We are already seeing a wide range of merchants including retailers, automakers, communications and media companies using web-based, live help solutions to engage with customers and better meet their needs. The online shopping experience offers tremendous convenience, but in some areas lacks the service levels that we are accustomed to receiving in a premier retail store. For many multi-channel merchants, the result is an online conversion rate and average purchase that is a fraction of what they achieve in-store. It can be similarly challenging to match in-store loyalty and repeat buying rates. With next generation live help solutions, online only merchants, and those with multiple channels, are now improving the online customer experience and boosting key online metrics. Creating an online experience that includes live help, more like in-store practices, is delivering online results for shoppers and merchants that are more like traditional retail in terms of both customer satisfaction and sales figures.

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