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Customer Commerce

Today more than ever, it’s all about the customer. The expectations customers place on retailers are motivating retailers to deliver a best-in-class customer experience across channels. To achieve that goal, it’s all about simplicity in business process execution. Forward-thinking retailers and brand manufacturers looking to expand their business across channels, brands and the globe are seeking a complete commerce platform that will ease the process from back-end systems to the POS, ecommerce and beyond. This E-book offers clear direction to help retailers and brand manufacturers implement the five steps to customer-centric success, using real-world examples backed by industry research and statistics.

The Best Social Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2015

Traditional digital marketing tactics are fading fast. To achieve marketing success and grow sales, smart brands are investing more in social influencer marketing than traditional methods. Today, consumers react better to authentic content that drives trust. In this whitepaper, gain insight into some of the best social influencer marketing campaigns of 2015, empowered by the ReadyPulse platform.

eCommerce Best Practices

In virtually every sector of online retailing today, consumers have no time and less patience. They want a high-quality, reliable buying experience on your website. Simply put – they want it now. And if you fail to meet those expectations – if you can’t deliver sub-second response times and enable the user to immediately engage with your content, products, and apps – they’re off to visit (and buy from) your competitors. The cliché is true: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. And that trend has only amplified as more users turn to smartphones and other portable devices for their online shopping.

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Visual search technology: Why should retailers care?

In year 2016, the retail industry will reach a record high of $25.4 trillion. As profits grow, so will consumers' expectations. Get a peek into important retail trends for 2016 and how you can take a big bite out of this retail pie. Don't miss out on this chance to learn how to delight your customers by offering a seamless omnichannel shopping experience with visual search technology.

How to Segment for Campaign Success

For many years, marketers have segmented their customers by examining demographic and psychographic characteristics, and on occasion, survey-derived data. Although these techniques provide valuable insight, when used alone, they fail to reveal the full picture. Namely, what kind of relationship a customer has with a brand. Does your shopper have a high level of engagement with your brand? Does your brand rank high in your shopper’s hierarchy of choices? Without knowing these very things, you, as the marketer may fall short of understanding a customer’s true potential with your brand.

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New Product Introductions

A significant amount of revenue and customer activity is driven by new products. Many e-commerce companies make more than 50% of their revenue from products introduced in the last three years and every product has a lifecycle with four phases: introduction, growth, maturity and eventual decline. As a result, it’s imperative to discover new ‘winners’ and ensure they are properly promoted. To facilitate growth under these conditions, merchandising teams work hard to source a steady stream of new items.     

Store of the Future

According to the estimates by McKinsey & Company, about 85% of retail value is still expected to be generated in bricks-and-mortar in 2025. But that doesn’t mean retail formats aren’t changing for traditional and online retailers alike. From interactive displays, mobile clienteling apps, new retail formats, and putting a digital spin on catalogs, the store of the future is the intersection of experience and technology, physical and virtual, where retailers have merged the ability to see, touch, and experience products with the same speed, convenience, and variety we get from shopping online.

Live Video Assistance

Technology advancement, device proliferation, and bandwidth availability have now evolved to enable a new generation of online customer engagement tools. We are already seeing a wide range of merchants including retailers, automakers, communications and media companies using web-based, live help solutions to engage with customers and better meet their needs. The online shopping experience offers tremendous convenience, but in some areas lacks the service levels that we are accustomed to receiving in a premier retail store. For many multi-channel merchants, the result is an online conversion rate and average purchase that is a fraction of what they achieve in-store. It can be similarly challenging to match in-store loyalty and repeat buying rates. With next generation live help solutions, online only merchants, and those with multiple channels, are now improving the online customer experience and boosting key online metrics. Creating an online experience that includes live help, more like in-store practices, is delivering online results for shoppers and merchants that are more like traditional retail in terms of both customer satisfaction and sales figures.

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The NorthFace Case Study

The North Face, a long-standing customer of ClickTale, wanted to increase the conversion rate of their Shopping Cart page. When The North Face evaluated the performance of their Shopping Cart with their in-house traditional web-analytics tool, they realized that too many visitors were looking at the page but not getting to the Checkout. The fact that many customers were not converting led them to suspect that there was a problem in the Shopping Cart page that was confusing their visitors, but they did not know what the problem was.

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Unifying Customer Data

A CRM is still really useful when you’re managing direct relationships,but when you scale to managing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of relationships, the ability to communicate 1:1 breaks down. Think about this. The “data journey” of the customer spans the life and history of the user — the time they spend in your store, website or mobile apps, and the identity data they share with you in a transaction, customer service experience and repeat transactions. That is a a lot of data stored in several different places! The systems across this journey are vast and having a comprehensive and actionable view of the customer is an extreme challenge. Now before we get too Star Trek on you, let’s get back to customer data.

4 Keys to Driving Revenue

The customer revolution is upon us. Today’s customer has more choices, is better informed and is more empowered than ever before….and businesses struggle to know them as they engage on their terms. Companies that identify and address this gap create a competitive differentiator and position themselves for sustainable success driven by strong customer relationships.

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The Business Case for an Online-Offline Strategy

The face of retail has changed almost beyond recognition over the past decade. 90 percent of consumers now use the web to influence their online and offline purchasing decisions. This evolution brings retail brands the opportunity to now capitalize on their hard-fought web assets to give people a reason to come back into stores. It’s time to redefine and re-establish the values of the in-store retail offering, and in essence become truly omnichannel.

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Real Time Personalization

Every e-commerce website is different in terms of content, offerings, layout and navigation. And every shopper is unique with diverse intentions, tastes and purchase patterns. So how do you cater to each visitor and respond to him or her in real time? This is why personalization – tailoring experiences to each and every individual – is increasingly critical to help you meet your business and website goals.

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Get the Most Out of Mobile

Google has released Principles of Mobile Site Design to help marketers get the most out of their digital experiences. Kaizen has built a platform around these best practices to allow marketers to implement fresh, mobile-friendly user experiences at scale. Kaizen Platform offers a cloud-based experience solution delivering the key ingredients to source, manage and optimize mobile experiences across the buyer journey.

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Increase Sales, Traffic and Insights

Feefo, The Global Feedback Engine, is an award-winning consumer ratings and reviews platform. Using Feefo will enhance your online visibility, grow sales conversions and provide amazing customer insights and analysis. Our closed platform ensures only genuine customers leave feedbackproviding trust, credibility and confidence in your brand.

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Powering the Voice of the Customer Programs

The retail customer experience is core to achieving customer loyalty, positive word-ofmouth and, ultimately, profitable growth. The experience needs to deliver on your brand’s promise, and you need to understand where you are succeeding - and failing - so you can create retail experiences that keep customers coming back to you. The more channels your business employs, the greater the risk that some experiences fail to satisfy your customers. Your Voice of the Customer program must deliver insight that enables you to present a consistently excellent customer experience.

Revenue Attribution Success

WeGotLites uses Infernotions’ revenue attribution solution to grow ROAS 500% - see how they did it in this whitepaper!

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5 Tactics to Create a Google Shopping Powerhouse

Google Shopping is a powerful, dynamic and compelling e-commerce channel.Chances are, you’ve put some serious money and effort into capturing sales fromthe countless consumers shopping online every day. As competition intensifies in the realm of product listing ads (PLA), you need tocreate a Google Shopping powerhouse. Here are five foundational tactics you absolutely must work into your strategy in order to get the most ROI from your Google Shopping investment.

Grow Your Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement is exactly what it sounds like: it’s when customers engage — with one another, with an organization or with a brand. The reasons for engagement can vary, ranging from consumer community interests to company-driven messages or offers, and the channels through which this engagement happens can be online or offline. SparkPost is built by Message Systems, the world’s #1 email infrastructure provider. Customers including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, Salesforce, Marketo, Pinterest and Comcast send over 3 trillion messages a year, over 25% of the world’s legitimate email. These companies choose us to provide the deliverability, speed and insight they need to drive customer engagement for their business.

State of Marketing Report

2014 was a big year for marketers. There were acquisitions, a fresh wave of marketing tech startups, and the “cloud marketing wars.” Adding to the confusion was the rapidly shifting role of the CMO, who is now more frequently being called on to deliver optimal customer experiences, analyze data and influence IT purchase decisions. Lytics conducted its first State of Digital Marketing Survey to better understand how technology impacted marketing in 2014, identify challenges marketers need to overcome and recommend goals for 2015 and beyond. The survey included responses from 152 professionals employed in digital marketing and related positions and 477 consumers from across the U.S.

Marketplace: The Future of eCommerce

Marketplace, market square, shopping mall….different terms but all with the same purpose: developing profitable e-commerce. How to deal with the issues of broad product choice, product availability and competitive prices without the constraints of stock or logistics, whilst still maintaining margins? This is the daily challenge faced by e-businesses. Marketplaces are the solution to current and future e-commerce demands: they promote the capitalisation of strong brands, qualified traffic or professional know-how to bring together offers proposed by third party sellers on a single platform. By putting sellers and customers in direct contact, Marketplaces mirror the very DNA of the Internet: creating value whilst reducing the chain.

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Conversion Rate Optimization for Search

eClerx’s CRO solution helps leading Fortune 500 companies address the common challenges of why and when users are abandoning a website, but more importantly it enables higher on-site conversions through an effective, sustainable and scalable approach.


Canadian Brands' Next Steps Into Omni-Channel Retail

Canadian retailers are constantly evolving, shifting their budgets and investments to build better strategies to connect with consumers across their increasingly non-linear paths to purchase. In 2015, these brands are taking the next step in building out their omni-channel experiences to delight and convert.

Produced with OSF Global Services, Magento, and Canada Post, eTail Canada’s annual report evaluates the latest trends in omni-channel retail. This paperassesses  how Canadian brands are responding to the omni-channel paradigm and what that means for their inventory management practices. The paper also explores the ways in which retail brands are innovating the in-store experience and leveraging digital marketing tools to develop a fuller picture of their customers and boost revenue.

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2015 Trends in Digital Retail

Retail brands are constantly evolving digitally, shifting their marketing budgets and technology investments to build better strategies that engage and convert.

eTail's fifth annual report on digital marketing trends assesses how marketing budgets and technology investment priorities are changing as retailers continue to develop more targeted, personalized digital experiences. It also explores how brands are using first- and third-party data to create more relevant messages and how mobile is emerging as the nexus of omnichannel retail.

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Creating Optimal Customer Journeys With Programmatic Marketing

As consumers jump instantaneously from channel to channel and device to device, retail marketers are tasked with understanding consumers' individual habits and creating consistent and relevant experiences for each of them. The proliferation of digital shopping channels and the need for personalization has influenced many marketers to turn to programmatic marketing.

Using proprietary research and real-world use cases and produced in conjunction with MediaMath, this white paper explores how programmatic marketing enables brands to influence customer journeys across digital channels.

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Transformation and Innovation in Retail: the 2015 Director's Report

Using proprietary benchmark data, this report highlights key trends moving the online retail industry and introduces how they will be addressed at our 2015 event. Topics covered in the report include:
 -Meeting the imperative to surprise and delight your customers
 - using data to open the door to new forms of customer engagement
 -Developing the retail store of the future

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Luxury Retail's Digital Moment

With consumers interacting with brands more frequently than ever before, luxury brands have recognized the need to to leverage technologies that are native to the social, mobile, and connected world. In order to be successful in the omnichannel world, companies must be ready to sell, service, market, and engage with their customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Using proprietary data collected from top luxury retail executives, this whitepaper covers key trends in digital luxury retail, including:
 - How the new wave of digital marketing is transforming luxury retail
 - How brands are leveraging content and social media
 - How luxury retailers are taking advantage of mobile marketing opportunities
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Top 2015 Channel: Everthing You Need to Know About Referrals

This report, based on the Top 2015 Channel webinar hosted by Extole, breaks down the essentials that marketers need to create a powerful new channel  through referral marketing programs.

Featuring four steps to make referrals work for your brand as well as a handy program checklist, it's a great tool for cashing in the appeal of your brand through customer initiated sales opportunities.

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The Guide to Predictive Marketing

Predictive intelligence is one of the top capabilities that marketers are focused on adopting this year. With good reason: the ability to know the next action of an individual customer is gold, quite literally, as this knowledge translates directly into revenue.

This whitepaper from Sailthru highlights the 8 predictions marketers need today to transform the customer experience and optimize customer lifetime value.

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customer experience responsive design

Responsive Design has seen its share of excitement and criticism since its introduction. Both speed and user experience, however, have been at the top of the criticism list. Learn more about why this is, and how Responsive Design experts tackled these issues through the study of a 1-800 CONTACTS Responsive Design implementation.

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Conquering Retail’s 6 Biggest Cross-Channel Challenges

Each channel you have at your disposal represents incredible opportunity—along with major operational headaches, fulfillment challenges, communications snafus, and more data than you have ever had to deal with. This whitepaper highlights multiple case studies that demonstrate how to turn challenges into revenue. 

Canadian Retail Trends Report

Using research gathered at the 2014 eTail Canada Conference, this study evaluates the state of retail marketing, assessing how well retailers are leveraging these new technologies and marketing channels.


eTail East Attendees


2013 Retail Trends: Technology Spending Report

During eTail West 2013, eTail fielded over 100 retailer surveys in order to uncover technology spending habits. We’ve revamped our latest surveys and partnered with AT&T in order to provide deeper insight into these trends.

You will find that this study provides tangible, constructive data and insights for both retailers and solution providers.

Key Take-Aways from eTail West 2014

At the eTail West 2014 conference, attendees heard from over 150 retail and technology experts on tactics and tips for their multi-channel retail strategies.

We’ve compiled some of the top take-aways from the event for you to share with your team. These tips reflect the broad range of tactical content presented at the conference.


Mastering the Mobile Omni-Channel Experience

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for Mastering the Omni-Channel Mobile Experience
  • Trends and Strategies from a Forrester Analyst
  • Tactics for implementing responsive design, portable POS


  • Sucharita Mulpuru, Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving eBusiness and Channel Strategy Professionals at Forrester
  • Don Delzell, Director, Online, Sport Chalet
  • Natalie Pietrzykowski, Senior Commerce Strategist, MarketLive


How Enterprise Data and Tag Management Boost Conversion & Revenue

This ebook was written for digital marketing practitioners and executives. For practitioners, it is a tactical blueprint for how to use Ensighten Manage to increase conversions and ensure the success of your marketing initiatives.

For executives, this ebook outlines our recommended approach to digital marketing and demonstrates why Ensighten uniquely lets you achieve consistent and impactful returns on your marketing spend.

Just Married Bonding With Customers After They Purchase

Marketers serve up their best programs during the Thanksgiving Holidays. Consumers will stuff their faces... clicking, swiping and heading to the malls for the best deals for their holiday shopping.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn about the 2012 Black Friday and Cyber Monday trend report findings
  • Hear how marketers spoke to the cross-channel and multi-device consumer during the Thanksgiving Holidays.
  • Examine how in-store and online offers were promoted covering the sweetest desserts and a few under-cooked dishes.

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Bridging the Purchase Gap Promoting and Selling Products Using Social Media

See how some of the top brands are promoting and selling products using Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Get best practices on how to move social customers from participation to consideration

Learn about “social product experiences”, and how to build and promote them

Brought to you by ShopIgniter

It's June Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays

The sun is shining and plans for summer vacations dominate everyone’s minds – this is when savvy eCommerce marketers implement everything they need for a spectacular Q4 holiday season.

What makes it spectacular – more customers discovering and buying on your site!

What does it take to be spectacular? Join Forrester Research Inc. Senior Analyst Peter Sheldon, Bloomreach Head of Marketing Joelle Kaufman and 360i Group SEO Director Adam Whippy in this one hour webianr to get a robust understanding of the divergent priorities of eCommerce marketing and IT, strategies to bring these partners together, and suggestions to ensure your business wins in Q4.

Brought to you by Bloomreach

Boost Sales Beat Fraud

Preventing online crime is becoming a big problem, In 2011 alone online fraud grew by 22%! Don't let fraud beat you, If you're an online retailer you should know how to protect yourself.

Join David Montague, President of The Fraud Practice & Don Bush, Marketing Director at Kount, in this 1 hour webinar as they present:

  • Current fraud issues
  • Steps companies should take to protect their bottom line
  • Fraud reduction methods that hinder sales
  • How fraud detection and prevention can allow e-commerce merchants to expand into new markets and increase revenue

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Winning Customers at the Zero Moment of Truth

Join this one hour webinar with Joe Nolan, Director, New Media and Raquel Krouse, Social Media Lead, The Search Agency and learn how The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) has changed Men's Warehouse's approach to online marketing and how their team has benefited from understanding their customers' experience during ZMOT.

The webinar will cover:

  • What the experience is around your brand at the Zero Moment of Truth
  • The top 8 online sources used by shoppers when making purchase decisions at ZMOT
  • Insight into decision drivers along the path-to-purchase and your customers' behavior
  • How listening to the right conversations in the right channels can influence your integrated online strategy
  • How to apply this data to ROI-driven strategies and campaigns

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Product Promotion and Purchase in the New Facebook Timeline

Brought to you by the folks who specialize in helping brands create compelling social commerce experiences, this webcast lead by ShopIgniter digs into the core strategies of Product Promotion & Purchase In The New Facebook Timeline.

This webinar covers:

  • How will the changes to Facebook’s brand pages and Timeline improve your product promotions?
  • What are other brands doing with their cover photo to promote new product releases and event messaging?
  • How is the new Top Bar Navigation going to give you more flexibility to promote products, photos, videos and contests?
  • What is "Star" and "Pencil" and how should you be using these features?
  • How can you create compelling product promotion, purchase and sharing experiences that maximize momentum in Facebook and beyond?
  • How can you integrate Facebook Timeline and apps into your broader mobile and social media marketing efforts?

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All In Packaging Case Study

This case study explores how All In Packaging can optimize marketplaces by offering thousands of items from both retail and wholesales categories in one place. This improves both the customer experience, as well as related services such as design, 3-d modeling, tool making, graphic planning, printing of lablels, screen printing, hot foil stamping, metallizing, logisitics and after-sales service.

eCommerce Beyond Online Leveraging Technology To Enable All Channels

In this webinar with Brian Walker, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research and David Watkins, Director for eCommerce, Product Management, AT&T, you’ll explore how you can use integrated technology to optimize customer experience in and across multiple touch points, inspiring your buyers to stay longer, spend more and recommend you to their friends.

This complimentary webinar, brought to you by AT&T, will cover:

  • 1. How to meet the needs of your online consumers in 2012
  • 2. Key considerations for an eCommerce ecosystem strategy
  • 3. How to build an online experience consistent with your brand
  • 4. Learn about key technologies that can be implemented to optimize customer experience

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MarketingSherpa's - Start Mobile Marketing

Brought to you by: MarketingSherpa

In this report, we help you figure out how to incorporate mobile strategies into your marketing.

Marketers who want to connect with today’s busy customers should consider the potential of mobile. Many people are stepping away from the computer and spending more time on their mobile devices. If your mobile efforts fall short, you might miss out on valuable opportunities to engage with your target audience.

In this report, we'll show you:

  • How to blend mobile tactics with your current efforts
  • Tips on creating a custom site (and how to decide if you need one)
  • Why usability, content and privacy are so important
  • How to cut your text down to key elements


Extole Webinar

Join this webinar to learn:

• How referral marketing is an efficient and predictable customer acquisition channel
• CASE STUDY: Advance Auto Parts Referral Program
• 5 best practices for referral programs