Brian Littleton

President & CEO
As the founder and CEO of ShareASale, Brian has connected thousands of Merchants and Affiliates alike, ensuring mutual profitability while preserving the spirit and core values of the affiliate marketing industry. Since 2000, his leadership and vision have helped shape the industry into what it is today. With over 15 year of experience, ShareASale currently supports over 4,000 Merchants, working strategically with its clients, both on the advertising and publishing end, to maximize their individual potential.

12:15 The Affiliate Channel: You’re Doing it Wrong.

When polled, Retailers commonly list the Affiliate Channel as something they would like to pursue or invest more into during the current or coming year. Although it is a marketing strategy that Retailers frequently discuss, the Affiliate Channel is often misunderstood and improperly applied. In this session, we will address some of the common strategies as well as major pain points that arise time and time again. Presenter Brian Littleton is the Founder and CEO of ShareASale, an Affiliate Marketing Network with 15 years of experience helping Retailers grow their Affiliate Channel.

In this session you will learn:

• How to maximize value by considering attribution models other than traditional “last click”
• How to utilize goodwill and fundraising to target non-traditional Affiliates for your Channel
• How to set up and prepare for Mobile users within the Affiliate Channel
• Why it is important to have your Biz-Dev team involved in your Channel