Canadian Brands' Next Steps Into Omni-Channel Retail

Canadian retailers are constantly evolving, shifting their budgets and investments to build better strategies to connect with consumers across their increasingly non-linear paths to purchase. In 2015, these brands are taking the next step in building out their omni-channel experiences to delight and convert. Produced with OSF Global Services, Magento, and Canada Post, eTail Canada’s annual report evaluates the latest trends in omni-channel retail. This paperassesses  how Canadian brands are responding to the omni-channel paradigm and what that means for their inventory management practices. The paper also explores the ways in which retail brands are innovating the in-store experience and leveraging digital marketing tools to develop a fuller picture of their customers and boost revenue. Click on the image at left to download this exclusive report!

2015 Trends in Digital Retail

Retail brands are constantly evolving digitally, shifting their marketing budgets and technology investments to build better strategies that engage and convert. eTail's fifth annual report on digital marketing trends assesses how marketing budgets and technology investment priorities are changing as retailers continue to develop more targeted, personalized digital experiences. It also explores how brands are using first- and third-party data to create more relevant messages and how mobile is emerging as the nexus of omnichannel retail. Click the banner to the left to download the report now!

Creating Optimal Customer Journeys With Programmatic Marketing

As consumers jump instantaneously from channel to channel and device to device, retail marketers are tasked with understanding consumers' individual habits and creating consistent and relevant experiences for each of them. The proliferation of digital shopping channels and the need for personalization has influenced many marketers to turn to programmatic marketing. Using proprietary research and real-world use cases and produced in conjunction with MediaMath, this white paper explores how programmatic marketing enables brands to influence customer journeys across digital channels. Click the banner to the left to download the report now!

Transformation and Innovation in Retail: the 2015 Director's Report

Using proprietary benchmark data, this report highlights key trends moving the online retail industry and introduces how they will be addressed at our 2015 event. Topics covered in the report include:  -Meeting the imperative to surprise and delight your customers  - using data to open the door to new forms of customer engagement  -Developing the retail store of the future Click the image to the left to download the report now!

Luxury Retail's Digital Moment

With consumers interacting with brands more frequently than ever before, luxury brands have recognized the need to to leverage technologies that are native to the social, mobile, and connected world. In order to be successful in the omnichannel world, companies must be ready to sell, service, market, and engage with their customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Using proprietary data collected from top luxury retail executives, this whitepaper covers key trends in digital luxury retail, including:  - How the new wave of digital marketing is transforming luxury retail  - How brands are leveraging content and social media  - How luxury retailers are taking advantage of mobile marketing opportunities Click the image to the left to download the whitepaper now!

Top 2015 Channel: Everthing You Need to Know About Referrals

This report, based on the Top 2015 Channel webinar hosted by Extole, breaks down the essentials that marketers need to create a powerful new channel  through referral marketing programs. Featuring four steps to make referrals work for your brand as well as a handy program checklist, it's a great tool for cashing in the appeal of your brand through customer initiated sales opportunities. Click the image to the left to download now!

The Guide to Predictive Marketing

Predictive intelligence is one of the top capabilities that marketers are focused on adopting this year. With good reason: the ability to know the next action of an individual customer is gold, quite literally, as this knowledge translates directly into revenue. This whitepaper from Sailthru highlights the 8 predictions marketers need today to transform the customer experience and optimize customer lifetime value. Click on the image at left to download this exclusive report.

customer experience responsive design

Responsive Design has seen its share of excitement and criticism since its introduction. Both speed and user experience, however, have been at the top of the criticism list. Learn more about why this is, and how Responsive Design experts tackled these issues through the study of a 1-800 CONTACTS Responsive Design implementation. Click on the image to download the whitepaper now.

Conquering Retail’s 6 Biggest Cross-Channel Challenges

Each channel you have at your disposal represents incredible opportunity—along with major operational headaches, fulfillment challenges, communications snafus, and more data than you have ever had to deal with. This whitepaper highlights multiple case studies that demonstrate how to turn challenges into revenue. 

Canadian Retail Trends Report

Using research gathered at the 2014 eTail Canada Conference, this study evaluates the state of retail marketing, assessing how well retailers are leveraging these new technologies and marketing channels.