Frederick Lecoq

SVP Marketing & eCommerce
FGL Sports
Hailing from Paris, France, Frederick Lecoq leads the marketing team at Canada’s number one sporting goods retailer – FGL Sports. Frederick joined the Calgary based organization with over 15 years of strategic marketing experience, specializing in e-commerce and digital marketing, brand management, and retail strategy. Since joining the retailer, Frederick has spearheaded many successful initiatives including the launch of Canada’s first “digital flyer” which has received international accolades from the marketing industry. Before coming to FGL Sports, Frederick worked in Seoul, Korea leading the digital transformation for LG Electronics Global, in addition to holding senior titles at several world-class technology and retail organizations, including Microsoft Europe, Nokia and PepsiCo.

Throughout his career, Frederick has travelled the world in an effort to immerse himself in a plethora of multicultural marketing streams. He has established himself as a leader within the marketing community, offering high-level expertise in retail marketing and digital strategy, while showcasing proven results with industry-leading companies. 

10:45 Keynote: Five Keys To UnLock The Potential Of Marketing/Digitizing The Customer Retail Journey

One brand that is breaking ground in digital retail is Sport Chek, Canada’s largest national retailer of sporting goods, footwear and apparel. A member of the Canadian Tire Corporation Family of Companies, Sport Chek is digitizing their retail stores and and personalizing the consumer experience. During this session, Frederick shows how to produce content and create experiences that educate customers, highlight products, and drive home the brand. He will show Sport Chek’s five keys that unlock the potential of marketing, teaching you how strategic content planning is crucial to keeping consumers connected and involved with a brand.