Joe Dressler

VP National Advertising Sales

Joe Dressler is the VP of National Advertising Sales at LiveIntent. He leads the platform's efforts to empower brands and advertisers to reach people where they are paying attention: in email.  Previous to LiveIntent, Joe led National Sales at Competitor Group for both Digital Media and Event Sponsorships.  Prior to that, Joe worked with enterprise clients to find operational efficiency for Operative Media.  At the beginning of this career, Joe sold digital inventory for SmartMoney and thought that joining the dotcom world at the height of the NASDAQ in 2000 was a good career move.  Little did he know that he would have to wait 15 years to see it return to that level.

17:00 People Vs. Pixels, How Do To Drive Increased ROI From Current Customers And Known Prospects

The most significant innovation for Advertisers, Brands and Marketers in the ever-evolving space has been a shift away from targeting the pixel and a shift towards a more sophisticated targeting of people. This practice, known as people-centric or people-based marketing, has caught heat and, with the launch of Facebook Atlas, AOL One, and offerings from Google, Criteo and Marketo, promises to be integral to the job of a marketer in 2016 and beyond.
LiveIntent VP National Advertising Sales Joe Dressler will present the evolution of CRM retargeting, provide insight into how to market to people in a multi-device and multi-browser world and explain the state of the market. He will explain existing technologies, and how first-party data is best leveraged in order to help brands and advertisers connect to their best audiences.
It’s increasingly important that marketers and technologists understand the shift in thinking and the technology that has allowed it.