Patrizio Spagnoletto

Patrizio leads the marketing team and is in charge of driving brand awareness and performance for the company.

He brings 20 years of marketing experience from both the client and publisher side. Most recently Patrizio was the Head of Digital for Farmers Insurance. Prior to Farmers, he held a variety of leadership positions at Yahoo! including VP Global Marketing Services.

15:25 Promotions Panel Discussion: Promotional Strategies: When Is Too Soon, Too Much And Too Frequent?

Join Steve Oblak and hear how he was able to drive the company's holiday promotional calendar to grow revenue for's direct business by 55.2% in Q4 2014. This panel will tackle your promotional challenges head on, and help you deliver campaigns that really drive sales (and not drag down your bottom line).

• Everyone is pushing things earlier and earlier in terms of their promotions, when is too soon, too much?
• Review how promotional strategies are evolving
• Create a threshold in terms of timeframe
• Learn what type of promotions are helping to supplement getting through the slower months of the year
• Drive revenue during these slower timeframes
• Create ways to show value to your customers outside of discounting