Scott Pulsipher

COO & President

Scott Pulsipher is the President and COO of Needle, a company that helps companies bring the power of human connections to e-commerce through authentic, real-time conversations between brand advocates and online shoppers. Under Scott’ sdirection, Needle has grown to become the leader in advocate-powered customer experience (CX). Brands leverage Needle to create measurable results in ROI, conversion rates and incremental revenue. Previous to Needle, Scott was the general manager of Amazon Webstore, where he directed overall strategy and global go-to-market efforts. Under his leadership, Amazon Webstore was launched and supported the ecommerce business of tens of thousands of companies. Scot thas contributed to a number of online retail outlets, including Mobile Commerc eDaily and Mobile Marketer. Scott received his MBA from Harvard University.


17:00 Ecommerce Turns 21: Advice For Digital Adulthood

On this day 21 years ago, NetMarket conducted the very first secure retail transaction on the Web with the sale of Sting’s CD, “Ten Summoner’s Tales,” purchased via credit card for $12.48 plus shipping. Today, we are reminded that ecommerce has grown up fast, moving into a new phase of innovation with robots, mobile payments and highly personalized, interactive digital experiences. Join Needle President and COO Scott Pulsipher as he commends the gargantuan 21 year-old’s growth, but also addresses areas the industry still needs to improve as it enters digital adulthood. As the former general manager of Amazon Webstore, Pulsipher has a strong background in innovating and disrupting the ecommerce space.