Chris Vitale, VP Digital Operations & eCommerce at Pep Boys
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Chris Vitale

VP Digital Operations & eCommerce
Pep Boys

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Main Conference Day One

Friday, January 8th, 2016

15:25 Omni-Channel Panel Discussion: Redefining Omni-Channel: Blending Digital And In-Store

Retailers are trying to identify ways to blur the lines between sales channels for consumers, by integrating digital initiatives into the in-store experience. In this interactive session, our heads of e-commerce discuss how to help customers find the products they are looking for, no matter the sales channel, and how to blur the lines between digital and in-store.

• Create an integration strategy
• Properly incentivize store associates to integrate digital experiences
• Define a great in-store experience
• Assist the customer in the store, using digital technologies? Using smart phones or tablets?

Main Conference Day Three

Friday, January 8th, 2016

11:50 Case Study: A 360 Journey Of Mobile At Pep Boys

Amanda and Chris have been on a mobile journey this past year, and have been iterating (and reiterating) their mobile experience. They’ll take you on their journey, from how they started, to what they did, to their results. Take a thorough look at how mobile is changing at Pep Boys.

• Define the need: how to decide if you should build a site
• Decide on a path: Responsive, adaptive, translation layer
• Implement: Design, develop, deploy
• Test: how do you decide what to test?
• The Results: how did it work out?
• Continuous improvement: Ideate, test, and implement (rinse and repeat)