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Sean McDonald

Managing Director

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Retail Innovation Summit: The Future Of Retail

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

14:35 How Does Community And Content Fit Into Your Digital Marketing Plan?

How do brands build consideration with the digital customer? Online media spend? Yes. But more media is saturated. Community has a new role to supporting marketing outcomes (awareness, consideration). So AT&T has establish a new digital asset focused on the SMB owner with content and community to serve the SMB owner with practical solutions and connections in starting and growing your business. AT&T is building consideration first by demonstrating SMB advocacy with

Main Conference Day One

Friday, January 8th, 2016

14:30 BRAND NEW! 2015 Moshpit of eCommerce Experts: The Future Of eCommerce

This is the most fun — and learning — you may have at the conference. You and your esteemed colleagues become short-term panelists. Led by digital masters Sam Decker and Sean McDonald, they create a fun, fast paced, gameshow-like session where the audience (that means you) share what works in eCommerce. A combination of lightning round game show audience participation and quick witted MCs create a rare combination of laughter and learning. The insights and no-“BS” stories from your peers are fascinating. You will be cheered and revered by your fellow audience members (or not). Prizes and fame await. Fun and insightful, this session promises more help in preparing for the future of commerce than anything else!