Stormy Simon

President President Stormy Simon began her career during the early years of the online shopping site with an entry-level sales position. Her entrepreneurial spirit and tireless work ethic soon caught the attention of company founder and CEO Patrick M. Byrne, and she was moved into a series of leadership and executive roles throughout the company. Stormy's impressive track record of success as senior executive over several departments, including the customer care, partner care, and marketing divisions, culminated with her first being named co-president of before assuming the sole presidency of the company in 2014.

As president, Stormy has used her forward-thinking instincts along with experience gleamed from her previous roles to inspire to drive innovation in the ever-changing online retail world. Her colleagues know Stormy as a source of knowledge, experience, and revolutionary thinking in online retail, often using her inspirational mantra of "make it happen" to motivate teams throughout the company. Under Stormy's leadership, was named to Forbes' list of Americas 100 Most Trustworthy Companies for the first time in 2014.

10:05 Keynote: Staying Competitive In An Overly Crowded Market

Emphasizing the importance of a positive customer experience through every aspect of the company has shaped into the trusted retailer they are today, especially as an online-only retailer. Every initiative and program that develops is viewed through the lens of how it will affect the end customer experience. Building a trusted relationship with their customers through a good experience is the most important way they can ensure the continued growth of our company in an increasingly competitive market. Stormy will walk through how they do this, why and what the results have been.