eTail East 2015

August 10-August 13, 2015

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Drew Sirico

Sr. Director of Marketing, E-Commerce
Edible Arrangements
With over 15 years of internet design, development and marketing experience, Drew Sirico joined the Edible team in January of 2014. He manages all Digital Marketing activity including Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SMS Text Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and acts as the primary liaison to the media agency of record for sourced DM activities such as SEM/Paid Search, Programmatic Display and Affiliate Marketing.

After splitting his four years of college between Quinnipiac University and The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, he joined SCM Microsystems in 2000 as a Corporate Webmaster. He would later lead Web Design and Development teams at Q-Tran Inc. and Pexagon Technology, Inc., both headquartered in Connecticut. He spent 8 years at the latter, growing into an Internet Sales & Marketing Direction role on route to General Manager before ultimately joining the EAI family.

Edible Arrangements International, Inc. isn’t just a leader in artfully crafted fruit gifts but also an innovator in the Digital Marketing space. From a complex Omni-channel Marketing strategy that includes robust Loyalty and Email Marketing Programs to a Social Media presence that boasts followership nearing 1,000,000, EAI is committed to leveraging emerging technology in the digital space to help it’s foundation of 1,200 retail locations flourish.

The Search, Display & Online Media Summit

15:15 PM SEO Panel Discussion: Implementing Effective Measurement Of Your SEO Programs

With a passion for online marketing, our panelists are responsible for driving the overall strategy for acquisition and retention. They’ll review approaches to move you way ahead of your SEO competition in this dynamic panel. Take a close look at the performance of your program, and leave with lots of notes.

• Look at how content, SEO and social best practices tie together
• Create relevant content (videos, etc.) that has a broader reach
• Remove some of the focus on meta titles and descriptions
• Outline what works and what doesn’t (to avoid pitfalls)

Email & CRM Summit

08:55 AM Email Marketing Keynote Panel Discussion: The Email Checklist For 2015: Understanding The Technical Aspects Of Email Marketing To Garner A Greater ROI

Email remains one of the most cost effective acquisition and retention tools available to marketers, but it is changing rapidly. As are the technical issues surrounding email. Stay on the cutting edge of the evolution of email after this kick-off interactive panel.

• Understand inboxing issues
• Manage quality control (last minute changing, managing version controls, etc.)
• Work through deliverability challenges
• Deal with spam traps (and don’t get trapped)
• Learn about technical issues with ISPs that can hamper your efforts